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Sneak Peek …

Here is a sneak peak of the mermaid I’m working on. This one, by far, has been the most labor intensive out of all the amigurumi I’ve created. I still have several little details to add and more hair.  Each strand is attached one by one! But she’s already beautiful and I hope the recipient loves her too!!


I didn’t follow a pattern but free handed it. And I didn’t write it down either 🙂 I did some research to figure out the arms and they took me a solid hour of trying and retrying  to get them just right.

Starfish- amigurumi


I created this starfish to go along with the Fancy Nancy set for some friends. I didn’t follow a pattern but instead wrote my own. I will get it typed in and posted some time today 🙂

A Happy Little Willow Tree

This willow tree could also pass for a potato head, or so I’m told. I worked this pattern up on my own based on a photo I saw. This little tree will be going along to a Fancy Nancy cast member in Springfield, Illinois.


Dolly the Dolphin

Here is the dolphin in the set of 6 characters I’m creating for a gift…


The pattern is easy to follow and also FREE!! 🙂
I skipped adding the extra piece to the belly. I worked it up and started to attach it but didn’t like the result. So my dolphin is all one color.

Ahh! SHARK!!


As part of a set of gifts for some castmembers, I’ve created a shark! Along with the shark will go a dolphin, seahorse, mermaid, starfish and willow tree. As a thank you from the directors of the show, each character will receive a stuffed character that looks like the character they play in the show! I love this idea…what a great keepsake!

Here is the shark pattern I used…http://

It’s a free pdf pattern, which is my favorite kind 🙂

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