About Me?

I recently read an ecard that said “If you want to get to know me,  follow me on Pinterest.” I will tell you, there is so much truth to that. If it’s on my mind, I’m pinning it. If I’m exploring something new, I’m pinning it. If I’m pinning it, I’m cooking/creating/reading/drawing/praying it. Well, most of it.  If I’m feeling under the weather and grumpy, I’m probably not pinning anything.

Do I love Pinterest? Pretty much. And I love lots of other things too. Here is the short list (in no particular order):

God-husband-kids-friends-church-church family-cooking-drawing-sewing-photography-napping-chocolate-new school supplies-the way new shoes put a pep in your step-chills when a good song hits you just right-ballet shoes-flowers-homegrown tomatoes-traveling-learning new tricks-words of affirmation-meeting new people-flying-fresh sheets on my bed-pedicures-Bible studies-giving things away-my iphone-walking around barefoot-grocery shopping-a homecooked meal-praying-seeing others worship-making a simple list into a work of art-doodling prayers-hugging my children-that freshly showered scent on my husband-people with dimples-smiling at strangers-holding doors open for people-when my husbands says I’m beautiful-seeing people respond to a need-a good musical-pointed toes-brand new calendars-Sharpies-Whoppers candy-planning something fun…

I could go on and on but the kids are hungry and the laundry is beeping 🙂


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