California On My Mind by Stephen

No Ear Has Heard


Since landing in California, during our trip and even now I (Stephen) have been thinking about California. Really, before we even landed I was impacted bysomething odd to me. I had heard that the drought in Cali was bad. I had heard about the political conflicts with Nestle and others about what to do with such a water shortage.

As we were coming closer to the earth in the plane, I saw how dry everything looked. I’d never seen anything like it before. Maybe you’ve never visited California, or maybe you’re from there. Either way, it’s really bad, I mean like everything looks dead. DEAD. It starts to make sense why they ALWAYS have forest fires. It looks so sad. A place that used to be pure beauty is ransacked with dry grass, or trees. You almost couldn’t tell if it ever was green.

As we were approaching the landing…

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