“My Buddy and Me”



Our big guy, D, attended his first day of preschool today. I can honestly say neither he nor I shed a single tear. His baby sister, was another story…

He was brave, confident, friendly and excited for the new “big guy” experience. What more could a mother ask for? I was extremely proud of him for jumping right in without hesitation. My prayer for him is that he always feels that confidence and continues to enjoy new situations without fear.

Little L had trouble. Big. Trouble. She had a definite opinion about leaving the school after her brother was settled in. And let’s just say her opinion didn’t match up with that of her parents 🙂 and the poor girl cried in the car for several minutes. The hubs and I discussed it… “Aww…She really wanted to play with the toys.” “Aww..She wants to go to preschool too.” (The “awws” were mostly me. Or solely. Maybe solely.)

Then it hit us. Duh (to use a favorite word of Big M’s.)

She misses her buddy 😦

That realization made me sadder than actually dropping the boy off at school. She cried and cried. She required hugs and fruit snacks to make it better. And it did get better.

The hubs and I decided to use our time to run some errands. For the first time in her entire life, Little L was out somewhere with just her mom and dad. We held her hands and swung her through the air as we walked in to the library. She was allowed to walk in the library (as opposed to riding or waiting in the car with dad while mom ran in), she had all the attention she wanted!! After a few errands, all that quality time knocked her out. By the time she woke, we were home with D and I was scooping her out of the car. Her first inquiry was that of “what about D?”

Oh sister…we wouldn’t forget your best buddy 🙂



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