Count your blessings one by one…

I love so many things about my Little L.

While at first I wondered if she would ever talk, sometimes I wonder if she will ever be able to sit quietly. She chats, she sings, she babbles, she talks to her babies and toys, she recites lines from movies. It’s amazing how much a little memory in a little person can hold.

As she’s worked her way through the two’s, I’ve seen her personality explode. She’s creative, caring, maternal, playful and imaginative. She sees a rainbow shape in a slice of cheese. Today she declared a folded potato chip as a taco. She loves to write and draw and she’s been working on her fine motor skills much longer than her big brother, who is 11 months her senior. She has been dressing (and undressing!!) herself for a while now, including shoes, socks and coats. Her big bro has absolutely no interest in such trivial tasks…lol.

She sneaks kisses on my arm when I least expect it. She comes in to snuggle with me in the morning. She is quick to apologize when she nearly spills my coffee and when she hurts her big brother. Sometimes she just wants to hold his hand or give him a hug or kiss. Usually he obliges and sometimes even instigates the affection.

I was nervous/upset/beside myself hen I found out we were expecting again after having just had one. God dispelled my reluctance and filled me with the confidence to care for a newborn and an 11 month old at the same time. God knew what He was doing (doesn’t He always??) and He created a best friend for D…one to grow up with, explore with and get in trouble with. (Nah… That never happens 🙂

I am blessed by these two. My husband is blessed by these two. The two big girls are also blessed by these two, although they aren’t so quick to admit it some days 🙂 All four of the kiddos are blessings beyond measure. My husband and I were gifted way more than we ever deserved.





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