Schooled by a three year-old

All four of the kids have done this at one point or another. It just seems overwhelming this time around because there are TWO doing this at once. I hear other kids do this also. And it’s often so random.

Collecting. Gathering. Hoarding. But in a toddler way. D and Little L often get attached to a seemingly random object. They want to sleep with it, put it next to their plates during meals, take it in the van, take it into church/store/shower.

Little L is usually attached to a special doll. When I say special, I really mean there is a revolving door of baby dolls.

D has previously been attached to nail clippers, Chapstick, dad’s watch, a particular Hot Wheels/Matchbox car, a ball, new shoes, his Spider-Man, a Thomas train. And all of these items have been present in his bed at one point or another.

This evening, D came across a zippered pouch full of crochet needles. The bag is pink and has Mickey Mouse playing baseball on the front and I had written my name on it when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. My mom kept the pencil bag and stored her crochet needles in it. At some point it came into my possession and it still contains her crochet needles. D found this bag and inquired of its contents. He dumped them out, toyed around with them, drummed on a few things and picked out his favorites. He didn’t want to give them back so I tried to explain that they were special to me because they belonged to my mom. He looks me in the eye and says “they are special to me because they belong to my mom.”

Well played, little boy. Well played.


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