Dreams. Big Dreams. Little Dreams. (it doesn’t matter, just DREAM!)


I have dreams…big dreams.

Sometimes I dream of moving to a foreign country to become full-time missionaries with my husband. Sometimes I dream of having an unlimited income and stocking my closet with all the latest fashions. Sometimes I dream of building a space just for my craft supplies and quiet space where I can tinker around and not feel pressured to produce anything. Other times, I dream of becoming a professional photographer or starting up my own dance studio, or operating a snow plow. Yes…I dream, my friend.

And there are times I dream REALLY big…

Like about being able to shower without two toddlers trying to get in with me. Or about having my bi-weekly meal plan magically appear. Or about having my mental budget magically appear on paper for the hubs. Or about having a blog that I update as much as my Facebook page with funny quips from the kids, daily happenings with our lives, those magic meal plans I spoke of, things that inspire me…

Yep, I dream. We all do.

My hope is that each of us have a chance to live out at least one of your dreams. I may never (most likely will never) have a unlimited income at my disposal. But that’s ok because in the end, a closet full of clothes won’t make me happy. Having showers to myself? Well, that’s another story.

So for today, I start this blog with the intention of filling it. Hopefully, you will feel inspired by something or a mood will be lightened because I have extremely funny kids. Or maybe your meal plan drought problem will be solved. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

Either way, enjoy 🙂

(Miss Lauren…one of my muses)Image


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